Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eugene Shier Arrested for Taking Naked Pictures

Alarming allegations from a teen who says years ago a man touched him and took naked pictures while he was bathing. Austin police arrested 61 year old Eugene Shier and charged him with indecency with a child.

Shier was convicted of sexual assault of a child back in 1994.

Neighbors tell KEYE TV they weren't surprised when police pulled up to the home of Eugene Shier, also known as Bill. Some in the North Austin community where he lives circulated a notice that the man who stayed at the address was a registered sex offender.

Police say a teen told them several years ago, Shier touched him as he bathed with a friend at Shier's home. We're told Shier kept his house stocked with things children love to play with.

"He had things outside swimming pool, he had video games and so forth, and a lot of neighborhood children went and visited Mr. Shier on a regular basis during this time period several years ago," says Austin Police Detective Brett Bailey.

The arrest affidavit says Shier remembers an occasion where the boy and his friend were bathing and according to the affidavit, Shier took pictures of the two naked in the tub. Those who work with alleged abuse victims say it's not uncommon for older children to cry out they've been touched inappropriately years later. Experts say when the alleged abuse first happens it may be viewed differently by a child than an adult.

"I actually work with adults sometimes and many adults who tell me they're in their 60's and 50's and they've just told their family members," say Austin’s Center for Child Protection Director Sandra Martin.

The affidavit says Shier kept knives and swords in his bedroom that children would play with. Although Shier is a registered sex offender, police tell us he was not required to stay away from children.

Police are worried there could be more alleged victims out there and they're asking parents who know Shier to talk to their kids. If you know someone who may have been abused you're ask to call the APD child abuse hotline at 976-6880.

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