Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Convicted Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Out of Jail

Convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is out of jail, and back home in his Palm Beach mansion.

Epstein avoided our cameras Wednesday morning as he was released from the Palm Beach County Jail. He left out a door where most people do not exit when leaving the facility. Then a black car whisked Epstein away.

Last year Epstein took a plea deal for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. Epstein got a jail sentence of a year and a half, but served just more than a year. And most of the year, he was on work release-- meaning he was able to leave the jail under guard for 16 hours a day.

Wednesday afternoon we spoke with a lawyer representing one of the 15 young women now suing Epstein. Palm Beach Gardens attorney Spencer Kuvin says his client was 15 years old when she was recruited for a sexual encounter with Epstein.

"She's certainly upset that a sexual offender gets out this early," said Kuvin. "And now that he's out, she's afraid for her safety. She's been followed by vans and trucks. They've been digging through her personal life."

"There were never any victims," proclaimed Epstein lawyer Jack Goldberger. "There are women who have filed lawsuits against Mr. Epstein. And we're going to challenge the evidence in those cases and defend them in court."

There's already new picture of Epstein on the sexual offender website. Epstein is now on probation for a year.

Corey Hipscher Arrested for Molesting Young Girl

Detectives say 37-year-old Corey Hipscher, a registered sex offender already on probation for the 2002 false imprisonment and sexual battery of a victim over 12-years-old, is back in jail.

He's accused of molesting a young Boca Raton girl who was spending the afternoon at Quiet Waters park, where he had been working for about four months.

"We know it's not isolated. We know he had a first victim in 2002," said Broward Sheriff's office spokesperson Keyla Concepcion, "this is his second victim that we're aware of and we want to know if there are more out there."

"I'd kill that guy. I swear to God," said park visitor Alberto Virela.

Virela and his 13-year-old son, Lucas, say they rented a boat at the same spot just a few weeks ago and recognized Hipscher's photograph.

"It's just kinda scary to think that guy was doing that," said Lucas.

"And it's very troubling to think that somehow this guy found employment at a park," says Concepcion.

The Broward County Parks Department says Hipscher was hired by a subcontractor who runs the boating area, and according to their vendor contract, is supposed to perform background checks before hiring anyone.

Detectives say Hipscher rented two paddle boats to the little girl's family and offered to take the victim and her female cousin on a ride around the lake on a flotation device pulled by a small motorized boat.

An adult asked to ride in the boat with them, they say, but Hipscher allegedly insisted the adults stay on shore citing a weight restriction.

Police say the victim was the first to ride on the float, and when Hipscher assisted her out of the water, he fondled the little girl several times.

"You have to think that he had the intention of molesting this young girl," said Concepcion, "He probably just didn't want an adult around."

The little girl's cousin, say police, also saw what happened and told relatives. They then confronted Hipscher about it. At first, they say, he denied the allegation. But then, according to the police report, "begged the family to ignore the incident.. told the family that he would quit his job or allow them to beat him if they did not report what had happened."

When Hipscher realized the family was calling the sheriff's office they say he drove off. Detectives later found him at his home in Plantation where he was arrested without incident.

He's now being held without bond.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have had an inappropriate encounter with Hipscher to contact them at (954) 493-TIPS.

Reporting Child Abuse

Tulsa, OK

State law requires all teachers and administrators must report any suspected case of child abuse.

The big question: To whom do they report the cases?"

Laura Smolen's son, Ford, hasn't yet left the watchful eyes of mom- for school.

But, she knows that's right around the corner and teachers are soon to be a big part of his life.

"I feel like, nowadays, teachers spend more time with the kids than the parents do," said Smolen.

That means teachers see a lot.

Sometimes, the unthinkable- like signs of an abused child.

"We have to take care of our children," said Denzel Kesterson, with the Tulsa Classroom Teacher's Association. "That's the one thing we need to do."

One way TPS is trying to make sure child abuse is reported- the district's soon to be adopted, newly revised, "reporting child abuse" policy.

"Best not to think about it. If you suspect it, report it," said Kesterson.

He hopes the new changes will clear up any confusion for teachers that, he says, was brought on by the district's old policy.

"The language implied that they didn't have to call DHS, they could just tell their principal and they were done."

But, Kesterson says, that's not the case.

"It is still their responsibility to let DHS know, they aren't supposed to investigate."

For mom's like Smolen, even if it was her own child a teacher had a suspicion about, she says, better safe than sorry.

Oleksandr Kozlov & Lyudmila Kozlova Arreted for Child Abuse

Two Salem parents have been accused of assault, criminal mistreatment and other crimes after their three oldest children called police and complained of physical abuse, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said today.

"The kids had basically made a plan," said Lt. Sheila Lorance. "Essentially they ran away. They got to a phone and called 9-1-1."

Oleksandr Kozlov and Lyudmila Kozlova were arrested Tuesday and their seven children were taken into custody by the Oregon Department of Human Services. Kozlov and Kozlova also face accusations of unlawful use of a weapon and coercion.

Police were called to a PetSmart in Salem on Sunday after the three oldest children -- ages 15, 14 and 13 -- reported that they had been abused since the family moved to the United States from Ukraine in 2003, according to the sheriff's office. Three of the younger children are 11, 10 and nine years old. An infant is about a week old.


Christopher West Sentenced to 16 years for Sexual Assault

A Harmony man will serve at least 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a young girl.

Christopher West, 29, was sentenced in Iredell County Superior Court after pleading guilty to one count of rape of a child and first-degree sexual offense.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of breaking and entering and one county of larceny.

West received a sentence of 16 to 20 years on the rape and sex offense charge and one of the breaking and entering cases, according to court records.

On the remaining charges, he received a sentence of 10 to 12 months.

West was arrested a year ago following an investigation by the Iredell County Sheriff's Office Special Victim's Unit.

Detective Sgt. Bill Hamby said the girl, who is now 7, is related to West.

Last year, the girl told a neighbor that West had been sexually assaulting her since she was 4 years old.

The neighbor reported the girl's allegations, and an investigation was begun by the SVU, Hamby said.

The girl was interviewed, as was West, who denied the allegations, Hamby said.

The next day, when authorities arrived to arrest West, he confessed to the crimes, Hamby said.

Christopher West Sentenced to 16 years for Sexual Assault

A Harmony man will serve at least 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a young girl.

Christopher West, 29, was sentenced in Iredell County Superior Court after pleading guilty to one count of rape of a child and first-degree sexual offense.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of breaking and entering and one county of larceny.

West received a sentence of 16 to 20 years on the rape and sex offense charge and one of the breaking and entering cases, according to court records.

On the remaining charges, he received a sentence of 10 to 12 months.

West was arrested a year ago following an investigation by the Iredell County Sheriff's Office Special Victim's Unit.

Detective Sgt. Bill Hamby said the girl, who is now 7, is related to West.

Last year, the girl told a neighbor that West had been sexually assaulting her since she was 4 years old.

The neighbor reported the girl's allegations, and an investigation was begun by the SVU, Hamby said.

The girl was interviewed, as was West, who denied the allegations, Hamby said.

The next day, when authorities arrived to arrest West, he confessed to the crimes, Hamby said.

Gene William Lee & Stephanie Curtis Arrested for Child Abuse

Two Bartlesville residents face child abuse charges after an apparent temper tantrum staged outside a local hotel over the weekend.

Police arrested Gene William Lee, 29, and Geneva Stephanie Marie Curtis, 33, after witnesses called them to the scene of the incident.

It apparently began when people saw the family exiting the motel. One of the children apparently ran into the street and nearly got hit by a passing van.

The parents, witnesses say, showed no concern about the near disaster.

People who saw the near miss called out to the couple to watch their children better, at which point Lee reportedly removed the baby he had strapped in a chest carrier and threw the child to the ground.

Curtis then allegedly dumped two other toddlers out of strollers.

She faces a felony charge of child abuse after former conviction of two or more felonies, and Judge Russell C. Vaclaw set a bond of $20,000 and ordered her back to court July 31.

Curtis has prior convictions including domestic abuse, burglary, and assault on a police officer.

Lee also has prior convictions, including possession and sale of illegal drugs. He also faces a felony charge of child abuse after former conviction of two or more felonies, plus additional drug possession charges.

Police say they found marijuana in his possession after his arrest over the weekend.

The judge ordered him held on a bond of $25,000 and ruled that he have no contact with the alleged victim.

Herminio Martinez Arrested for Molesting 12-year-old

A 26-year-old Livingston man was arrested Monday on allegations that he molested a 12-year-old girl, the Merced County Sheriff's Department reported.

Herminio Martinez was arrested in Atwater after the girl, who was missing for a few hours Sunday, returned home and said she'd been with the suspect, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie, sheriff's spokesman.

The victim described Martinez as her "boyfriend," MacKenzie said. Her family reported the alleged crime Monday.

Sheriff's detectives busted Martinez after he was under the impression that he'd been meeting the girl at her aunt's home, MacKenzie said. After he arrived at the house, however, he was taken into custody by Detective Alex Barba and Deputy Ralph Zyskowski.

Investigators believe Martinez was having sexual relations with the girl for the past few months -- possibly since the age of 11.

He was booked on suspicion of child molestation and remains at the John Latorraca Correctional Center in lieu of $250,000 bail.


Donothan York Arrested for Using Camera to Look Up Skirts of 12-year-old Girls

Police on Saturday arrested a 28-year-old man for allegedly using a video camera in his shoe to look up the skirts of two 12-year-old girls at a public swimming pool.

Donothan York, 28, is also accused of using the shoe-mounted camera to look up the dresses of women.

According to Ruidoso police, the daughter of a vacationing FBI agent told her father a man was following her too closely. He reported it to police, who caught up with York.

Police said video stored on a memory card showed York attaching the camera to his shoe and concealing it before the video of the incident.

York is charged with 30 counts of misdemeanor voyeurism and tampering with evidence. He's being held on a $150,000 bond.

Couple Arrested for Leaving 2 & 4-year-old Alone for Hours

A Holly couple was arrested Friday for child neglect in Florida after they left two young foster children they were caring for in a hotel room while they went to the resort's pool.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Kimberly and Stephen Simmons left the children, ages 2 and 4, unattended at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort for more than two hours and only returned after being asked to do so by resort staff.

A housekeeper found the children alone, without food or water. Security from Walt Disney World contacted police, according to a sheriff's office incident report.

The report says "the children could have opened the door to the room and wandered the grounds of the resort. The room is on the second floor with a railed balcony the children could have slipped through."

Security tried calling the couple and searched the resort for them. The Simmons were eventually located at one of the swimming pools and asked to return to the room.

Kimberly Simmons, 41, told police she had placed the children down for a nap and then went to the pool with their 6-year-old nephew. Stephen Simmons, 49, according to the report, "also seemed okay with this arrangement."

The couple was arrested for neglecting the children.

Each posted $2,000 bond and were released from jail, said Allen Moore, a spokesman for the Orange County Corrections Department. The couple has not yet been arraigned. Moore said that typically occurs about 30 days after the arrest.

Carrie Hoeppner, spokeswoman for Florida's Department of Children and Families, said protective services officials from Michigan picked up the two children Monday and brought them back to Michigan. The nephew was picked up by family, Hoeppner said. Colleen Steinman, a spokeswoman for Michigan's Department of Human Services, said she couldn't comment on "what our involvement is."

According to police reports, the couple has had custody of the children for nearly two years.

Kimberly Simmons also told police that she's a counselor in Michigan for a school, has a master's degree and "indicated she was aware of what she had done and how to care for children."

Tiffany Hyman Indicted for Child Abuse

The fiancée of the Worcester man accused of beating his 7-year-old son to death was indicted yesterday on a series of charges, including being an accessory to the assault, Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. said.

Tiffany N. Hyman, 29, of Worcester was indicted by a Worcester County grand jury on charges of being an accessory after the fact of assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, reckless endangerment, permitting assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, assault and battery on a child with bodily injury, and assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, according to Early.

Nathaniel D. Turner died June 23 after he was beaten to death by his father, Leslie G. Schuler, Early said. Schuler is charged with murder.

James Campbell Pleads Guilty to Child Porn

A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to receipt of child pornography, federal prosecutors say.

Sixty-year-old James Campbell of Bealeton, Va., entered the plea on Wednesday. He will be sentenced on Sept. 29.

According to court documents, deputies from the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office seized computers and hard drives from Campbell's home in September. A forensic examination of the computers and hard drives showed more than 60,000 files of suspected child pornography.

Tricia Moore & Michael Radcliff Wanted for Child Abuse

State police are on the lookout for two people wanted on felony child abuse charges out of Taylor County.

Tricia Brooke Moore, 23, and Michael Radcliff, 28, were last seen in the Bridgeport area Monday night, but have also been seen around Clarksburg.

Police say they're traveling with a young boy.

Radcliff is also wanted on felony fraud charges.

If you have any information about the couple, call Cpl. Adam Scott with the WV State Police Child Protection Unit at 304-367-2701.

Timothy James Olson Sentenced to 30 Years for Molesting Girl

A judge has sentenced a Grand Forks man to serve 30 years in prison for molesting a young girl over a period of nearly seven years.

Judge Lawrence Jahnke told 35-year-old Timothy James Olson that the case is "probably the most heinous child abuse case" he's seen in 20 years on the bench.

Olson pleaded guilty to felony sexual abuse of a child. Court documents say the abuse took place from January 2000, when the girl was about 6 years old, to December 2006. Prosecutor Meredith Larson says the abuse during that period happened about three times a week.

Olson apologized during his sentencing, and also described what he did as "heinous."

Information from: Grand Forks Herald,
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Father Claims Police Abused His Sons

A father and two boys are accusing Milwaukee police officers of child abuse. They claim the offices roughed them up and used racial slurs.

The incident happened Friday when police pulled over the father and two boys at 794 and Oklahoma because the officers believed one of the boys an AK-47.

It turned out to be a toy gun but officers had no way of knowing that when they tried to arrest everyone.

There are photos of the man's 12-year-old son with red marks on his back. The father believes they are footprints from one of the officers as he tried to hold the boy down.

"I could hear my son saying, 'Stop you are hurting me,'' the boy’s father explained.

The boy’s parents don’t want their names used. They fear retaliation for filing a child abuse claim against the officers.

"These officers need to lose their jobs," said the boy’s mother. "As far as I’m concerned they are child abuser with a badge."

Police say their photos don’t support the abuse claim. But they are investigating the racial slur allegations.

"'What the M----F---- are you doing here?'" said the boy’s father as he recalled the words of the arresting officer! "'Go back to your country.'"

Reporter Charles Benson asked the dad, "There were racial slurs?"

"Yes. He called me an Asian spic," the father said.

Police said a realist looking toy gun triggered the arrest. They saw the boy’s 11-year-old friend was carrying the gun when the father picked him up. A few minutes later, the family's car was surrounded by police and the officers were yelling.

The boys said the gun had an orange tip on it, which is important because it means it’s a toy gun or fake. But when the officers recovered the gun the boys’ claim the officers removed the tip.

The boy’s father claims police never apologized and never offered to help his son who the dad said was injured and traumatized.

The father and the other boy with the toy gun were not hurt.

Police say they responded to the family allegations quickly and have started an investigation.

Warren Mumpower Sentenced to Life for Trafficking Child Porn

Warren Mumpower of Spokane, Wash., was sentenced to life in prison today for his activity in a global child pornography trafficking enterprise, Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division Lanny A. Breuer, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida Thomas F. Kirwin and FBI Executive Assistant Director Thomas J. Harrington announced.

Mumpower, 65, was also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine by Senior U.S. District Judge Lacey A. Collier.

Mumpower, a convicted sex offender, was found guilty following a six-day trial in January 2009 of six counts relating to his criminal activities as a member of the child exploitation enterprise. The charges alleged in these counts included engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; conspiracy to advertise, transport, ship, receive and possess child pornography; advertising, transporting and receiving child pornography and obstruction of justice.

Six of the defendants in the case previously sentenced by Judge Collier also received sentences of life in prison, including: Daniel Castleman of Lubbock, Texas; James Freeman of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.; Gary Lakey of Anderson, Ind.; Marvin Lambert of Indianapolis; Neville McGarity of Medina, Texas; and Ronald White of Burlington, N.C., also received life sentences. Five additional U.S. defendants also indicted in the case were sentenced on March 10, 2009, to terms in prison ranging from 164 months to 365 months.

According to evidence introduced at trial, the defendants were members of a highly sophisticated international network. The group was a well-organized criminal enterprise whose purpose was to proliferate child sex abuse images to its membership during a two-year period. The defendants were found guilty of participating in an illegal organization that used Internet newsgroups - large file-sharing networks where text, software, pictures and videos can be traded and shared - to traffic in illegal images and videos depicting prepubescent children, including toddlers, engaged in various sexual and sadistic acts. Specifically, an Australian constable who infiltrated the group in August 2006 testified at trial about how group members employed a complex system of pseudonyms, screening tests for new members and sophisticated encryption methods to avoid detection. He also testified that the group traded more than 400,000 images and 1,000 videos of child sexual abuse before it was dismantled by law enforcement.

This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse, launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice. Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Goldberg of the Northern District of Florida and Trial Attorney LisaMarie Freitas of CEOS. The case is being investigated by the Innocent Images Unit of the FBI and the Queensland, Australia, Police Service, with the assistance of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) Child Pornography Unit in Germany and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in the United Kingdom.

Ayrin Vick Arrested the Death of 3-year-old

A 27-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday morning and booked on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse in the April 7 death of a 3-year-old child, police said.

Ayrin Vick was taken into custody at her apartment at about 8:30 a.m.

On April 4, officers were called to 15740 N. 83rd Ave for a 3-year-old child not breathing. Police arrived and began CPR until Peoria firefighters took over care.

Investigators said they determined the child had injuries that were suspicious and asked the Peoria Police Department’s Special Victims Unit to take over the investigation.

An investigation determined the child's death was caused by internal injuries from blunt force trauma, police said.

Vick was home alone at her apartment with her 10-month-old child and the 3-year-old niece of Vick's live-in boyfriend, detectives said.

The boyfriend and Vick had physical custody of the niece since mid-March while the girl’s mother served a jail sentence, police said.

That afternoon, Ayrin called 911 to report that the child had “suddenly collapsed” and was not breathing, officers said. The child was rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she died.

The child was found to be covered in bruises and it appeared chunks of her hair may have been pulled out, police said. She had black and blue bruising inside both ears and on her forehead and cheeks, a cut over her left eye, a healing burn or cut under her right eye, fingertip-size bruises covering her arms, chest and abdominal area, and a large area of bruising to the small of her back, according to police reports.

Forensic professionals and a subsequent autopsy concluded the bruising was the result of inflicted blunt force trauma, investigators said.

The cause of death was ruled as complications from blunt force trauma, and the manner of death a homicide, police said.

Vick claimed the child walked to the bathroom under her own power just prior to collapsing, police said.

Doctors said that immediate medical attention would likely have saved the child’s life, according to officers.

Joseph Martinez Arrested for Sexual Exploitation

A prominent local businessman was arrested Tuesday on child-sex charges after officers responding to a 911 call reported finding explicit photos and videos of him with different boys.

Joseph Martinez, vice president of a company that stripes parking lots, faces 75 charges related to sex crimes involving children.

Martinez recorded nearly 300 videos of himself assaulting one young boy over the course of a decade, according to Detective Kyle Hartsock of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department.

The charges against Martinez include 20 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, 11 counts of child abuse and 44 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Hartsock said he could have faced even more charges but the statute of limitations had run out on the others. Investigators also are trying to identify two more boys seen in videos, he added.

The boy who was identified is now an adult and was located last week by detectives who had worked with the video and pictures for three months.

The young man was still working for Martinez at his company.

The investigation began in April when someone placed a 911 call from Martinez's home in Tijeras and then hung up on dispatchers.

"They tried to call it back; no one answered," Hartsock said. "They don't find anybody."

Because no one answered, deputies said they had to go into the house to make sure no one was sick or injured. That's when they said they found, sitting out in plain sight, drugs, 279 videos and 29 pictures mostly of Martinez performing sexual acts on a young boy.

"The victim in this case was brutalized by Mr. Martinez for 11 years of his life," Hartsock said. Martinez first molested the boy when he was 5 and continued until he turned 16, he said.

The case has been described as unique, Hartsock said, because investigators rarely catch people who produce child pornography tapes.

Hartsock said Martinez filmed the sex acts at the boy's house, at Martinez's former home in northeast Albuquerque and at his current home. The assaults stopped when the boy grew bigger than Martinez and rejected his proposals, the detective added.

"He was a close family friend," Hartsock said. "The victim's father worked for him."

When the boy became old enough he began working for Martinez at AccuStripe, and in some of the videos the suspect and alleged victim wore company clothing or had paint on them, he added.

Investigators said Martinez used his money and influence to groom the boy including giving him money, drugs and alcohol during the sexual acts.

"The feeling when the warrant was signed today, the feeling of placing handcuffs on him is the best feeling I've ever had as a cop so far in six years," he said. "This guy was a true predator in every definition of it."

As investigators looked through Martinez's tapes they said they also found two other boys under the age of 10 whom they would like to identify.

Detectives said they still don't know the source of the 911 call that broke the case open.

Martinez is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond. He has yet to enter a plea to the charges.

Pedro Sauberer Arrested for Child Porn

A local man is being held on almost $300,000 bond, charged with child pornography.

Pedro Sauberer is the latest person to be nabbed by investigators looking into groups who share images of child porn on the internet.

The 46-year-old was arrested at his parents' home.

Detectives found hundreds of images and videos on his computer showing children as young as 4 years old.

Porn Star Ken Hoyt Arrested for Stalking 2 Teenage Girls

A porn star once busted for allegedly flashing women on New York subways was arrested outside Los Angeles for stalking two teenage girls, officials said Tuesday.

California Highway Patrol officers cuffed Ken Hoyt, 44, at his Hollywood home on Friday after cops said he followed two young girls in his car, Officer Luis Mendoza said.

"They were in the vehicle running errands," Mendoza said. The driver "tried to get away from his vehicle. She feared for her life. She knew that the person was up to no good."

Hoyt - who starred in adult videos such as "Sexcetera" and "Big Gulp" - was charged with stalking and failure to re-register as a sex offender when he moved from New York to California, authorities said.

He was still in the L.A. County Jail last night after he failed to come up with $370,000 bail, officials said. Hoyt is a registered sex offender in California, New York and Nevada.

In 2006, the NYPD nabbed Hall after five New York women said the sicko exposed himself to them while riding the N, Q, R and 6 trains.

A Manhattan judge dropped the charges against Hoyt after prosecutors missed the deadline to file the proper paperwork.

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Matthew Adams Arrested for Possession of Child Porn

A Golden Gate man faces dozens of child pornography charges after a cybertip led Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies to his home, where they found pornographic images of children on his computer.

Matthew B. Adams, 32, 248 Monterey Drive, was arrested Tuesday and charged with 50 counts of possession of child pornography.

Adams' arrest was prompted by a cybertip from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), reports said.

NCMEC received a tip that someone logged into an online business account through Yahoo! and was attempting to entice an underage girl into taking explicit images of her genitals. The girl was believed to be 13, reports said.

The Internet protocol, or IP, address was traced to a business computer in Collier County.

Further investigation by CCSO detectives led them to Adams as being the computer user, reports said. The computer contained "a substantial amount" of pornography, including images of girls, ages 16 to 18, reports said.

Deputies contacted Adams at his residence, where they said he agreed to let deputies perform a forensic examination of his personal computer.

An initial forensic analysis of Adams' computer hard drive turned up 50 images of girls, ages 8 to 13, engaged in sex acts with each other and adults, reports said.

Detectives said additional charges against Adams are expected pending further forensic analysis of his computer.

Patrick Melton Charged with Possession of Child Porn

Florida officials have arrested a 16-year-old Tampa boy and charged him as an adult with 50 counts of possession of child pornography.

Patrick Melton of Tampa was originally taken into custody June 10 but charged as a minor. Officials later decided to try him as an adult and re-arrested him Monday. A spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, J.D. Callaway, said Melton's computer was identified in a network of computers downloading and trading images and videos of children ages 2 to 12.

Melton is in jail with bail set at $100,000.

Jared Yaffe Accused of Paying Baby Sitters to Bring Him Children to Molest

A San Diego man accused of paying baby sitters to bring him children to molest has pleaded not guilty to 20 criminal counts.

Jared Yaffe (YA'-fee), 30, entered pleas Tuesday to child molestation, kidnapping for sexual acts and production of child pornography. He faces up to 129 years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors contend Yaffe ran a child-porn ring last year and his five victims included a 3-year-old.

He fled the country but was arrested in Brazil in May. He's jailed on $5 million bail.

Attorney Knut Johnson said outside court it was unclear whether he would continue to represent Yaffe.

Another man, Aaron Zendejas (zehn-DAY'-hahs), 24, is accused of providing Yaffe with a victim and has pleaded not guilty to several charges.


Information from: The San Diego Union-Tribune,