Sunday, July 12, 2009

Antonio Glenwood Byrd Trial for Murdering 2-year-old Begins

The state is set to begin its case today in Lillington against a man accused of murdering a 2-year-old Anderson Creek girl.

Antonio Glenwood Byrd, 26, also of Anderson Creek, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the July 2007 death of Miracle McLean.

Mr. Byrd, the boyfriend of Miracle's mother Sheteka McDougald, was charged after he took the unresponsive child to the Anderson Creek Fire Station saying she had drowned.

An autopsy later showed the child had suffered blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen. The autopsy linked the child's death to the latter injuries saying she had bled to death internally.

The autopsy also said the child was also recovering from a fractured right shoulder at the time of her death.

Mr. Byrd was offered a plea deal in May, but turned down the 114-month active sentence.

Mr. Byrd's attorney, Tony Buzzard, said both Mr. Byrd and his girlfriend were at work the night of the incident and said Miracle and her 3-year-old sister were in the care of a family member when the child's injuries occurred.

Assistant District Attorneys Davis Weddle and Teresa Postel are handling the prosecution of the case. Wake County Superior Court Judge Ripley Rand is presiding.

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