Saturday, July 25, 2009

Help change the laws pertaining to sexual child abuse!

I am writing with a heavy heart and am asking for my laws to be changed regarding limitations on sexual abuse offenders. This is a epidemic that affects many people and it is dishearten to see offenders have such short prison stays. With over 80,000 reported cases a year of sexual abuse in the United States alone, and with it estimated to be at least that number of unreported cases, it’s become clear child sexual abuse has come to be commonly regarded as a great cause of mental health problems at varying ages from child to adult life across North America. There is a two-tiered epidemic going on. First, there are the so-called “baby-boomers” who grew up in a generation where there was a “hush hush” rule about even saying the words sexual abuse, let alone accusing someone of it. So it never became socially acceptable even to report one of the most horrendous experiences a human being can endure and continue to suffer from, untreated, for the duration of their life.

It was right at the beginning of the baby boomers era (1945 – 1964) when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec. 10, 1948, they declared in Article five: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. It took that generation more than 30 years to begin talking about just how inhuman their perpetrators were throughout the 1940’s to the ‘70’s, and even before that.

Now, we’re faced with the second phase of the psychological remnants of the multiple decades of abuse, pasting it on to the next generations.

All of those thousands of new cases every year being added to the pile aren’t necessarily past victims of sexual abuse. In fact, only a small percentage (approx. 5%) of past victims become perpetrators. Past victims generally feel empathetic towards victims of abuse. This social epidemic that creeps into every neighborhood, and every social class needs to be slowed down at the very least. It’s a leading cause in the Americas of depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, and many other psychological disorders which causes our society billions of dollars in medical and mental health care every year. Never mine the costs incurred in the justice system dealing with the offenders.

The really disturbing problem is that one single victim who has grown up with that secret that has tortured her or him for 20 years of self abuse, alcoholism/drug abuse, self-mutilation, thoughts of suicide and or attempts, the sleepless nights and nightmares, wondering if they’ll ever survive, yet waking up every day wishing they hadn’t.

What about the child who is destined to this? Who’s going to stop their pain?

We are asking for a change to help heal. Statue of Limitations-

How is there a limit on how long it takes someone to fight/face the effects of sexual abuse?!? It is proven that these memories can remain buried until something brings them to the surface again... so if it takes them longer to surface than the law allows, then the child molester just lucks out and goes free?!?!

The "act" doesn’t last long, but the "effects" of the act last FOREVER for the victim!

LONGER and STRICTER punishments-

WHY do we give longer/stricter sentences for crimes where no one was hurt?? We lock people up here in the United States for drunk driving, non payment of child support, theft, drugs and many other crimes for longer periods than we do the sick twisted individuals that use our kids as sex toys! I am not saying that these crimes are right, or that they should go unpunished. The man who molested me in the same state for over 12 years straight, then moved on to molest my little cousin for another 8-9 years, and did only a TOTAL of 6 months in the Saginaw County Jail on work release. Does that in anyway sound like a fair law to you??

Life with no parole for child rape or murder-Why in the world are we letting them back out on the streets to do it again? They do NOT need to be roaming our streets to pick out their next innocent victim.

Some type of a tracking system for those who are released back into our neighborhoods-

We can track our pets if they come up missing. We can track our kids with their phones. Why can't we require pedophiles to have a chip implanted if they are being released?

If we have to release them back into our neighborhoods then we need to be able to track them! Then we would have a much better chance of finding these poor kids who are snatched right out of their yards and houses! The minute an Amber Alert is issued on a child the tracking could begin on all known child predators. In MOST cases, that is who has them!! Many times they are never seen alive again! I believe if this had already been in place when little Nevaeh Buchanan in Monroe, Michigan, went missing, they would have had a chance of finding her alive. If they could have only started tracking the person of interest immediately….maybe little Nevaeh would be alive today
Some may say that is against human rights....

WHY should someone who uses a child for sexual pleasure have ANY RIGHTS???? Do our kids have the RIGHT to be kids, the RIGHT to be safe when they play in their yards and the RIGHT to enjoy life??. 88% of molestations are never reported (millions each year in the U.S. alone). The children do not tell for many reasons—shame, fear, guilt, relationship to offender, possible upheaval to family unit. Per most studies, 1 of 3 girls and 1 of 5-6 boys are molested—1.5 billion humans. The effects in adulthood can be critical— including earlier average mortality. Many victims die younger. I believe that this a a epidemic that is easy to over look but with studies like this show that 1 in 3 girls are molested. By changing the laws on offenders will allow repeat offenders from molesting again. The laws must be changed state to state due to Statutes of Limitations.

This petition ends on Dec 31.

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