Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Justin Robinson Arrested for Severely Beating 20-month-old

Police call it one of the worst child abuse cases they have seen.

Police say a Pike County man severely beat his girlfriend's 20 month old son so badly that the baby had a broken leg and his entire head was black from the bruising.

Police believe 26 year old Justin Robinson beat the child and police say they had to Taze him just to arrest him, but he is already out of jail on bond.

Police are investigating how and why the alleged beating happened.

Police say 26 year old Justin Robinson was taking care of his live-in girlfriend's 20 month old son while she was at work.

Police say the mother came home and discovered the child in pain and took him to the hospital. Pikeville Medical Center doctors called state police.

“When he saw the child, he saw that there was severe bruising on the face and forehead. To quote Detective Cramer, he said it was “The worse case of bruising he had ever seen for a child this age,” Mike Goble said.

Investigators say the boy's entire head is black from the bruising and say he has a severe broken leg.

Police charged Robinson with abuse.

Troopers say when they went to arrest him, they had to taze him just to take him to jail. Robinson bonded out of jail and is now on home incarceration.

He did not want to talk to us when we went to his home on Greasy Creek Road.

Police believe this was not the first time he abused the child and say there is no clear motive for the alleged beating.

“It's an unbelievable thing to think about anyone that would harm a child, of any age, let alone a 20 month old,” Goble said.

The child is expected to survive. Police say the child is in protective custody and is safe.

Court officials say Robinson has not entered a plea yet.

He is due in court on Thursday.

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