Friday, July 17, 2009

Officer David Kass Arrested for Online Child Enticement

Omaha police officer David Kass posted bond and left the Sarpy County jail Thursday, after a judge approved a pretrial release for the man accused of online child enticement.

Kass, 25, was ordered to avoid children, networking sites and computers.

La Vista police said Kass initiated a sexual conversation with one of their undercover officers. Kass was arrested Wednesday at his Northwest Omaha home. Child enticement by electronic communication device is a class IV felony.

Investigators seized three computers, a gaming system, and a nightstand from Kass's home during a search Wednesday afternoon.

Kass has been placed on administrative leave from the police department. His preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 10.

Kass' roommate said she was shocked by the allegations.

"I don't know how to feel right now," she said Wednesday. "Because it's two different people in my mind. It doesn't seem real to me, whatsoever."
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