Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thomas Hunt Arrested for Sexual Assault

A North Platte man faces three more counts of sexual assault of a child.

Lincoln County authorities say 40-year-old Thomas Hunt was arrested Wednesday on accusations stemming in part from an incident last summer at Lake Maloney, which is south of North Platte.

Hunt had already been charged with third-degree sexual assault of a child - the same 11-year-old girl - and had been free on $5,000 bond.

North Platte Police Lt. Rick Ryan told station KOOQ of North Platte that incidents stemming back two years with the girl are part of the investigation.

His new bail amount was set at $100,000.

Attempts by The Associated Press to reach Hunt on Thursday were unsuccessful. Jail officials say he's still in custody. His attorney wouldn't comment.
Information from: KOOQ-AM

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  1. let me get this straight, so he sexually molested a girl that was 9 till she was 11. Then he was released only to molest the same child. Screw bail send that bastard to the sodomites. This sick bastard needs to pay for his crimes. He has ruined that poor girl's life, the rest of her life is going to be tainted. Why be cause some sicko got horny. I say we bring back the electric chair and let that sick pedophile fry.