Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Former Band Teacher Raymond Ferenci Sentenced to Prison for Child Porn

A former Tulare Western High School band teacher has been sentenced to prison time for child porn.

54-year-old Raymond Ferenci was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

He was convicted of having two years worth of sexually explicit pictures of pre-teen girls on his computer. His sentence will be followed by ten years of supervised release.

Ferenci was arrested by Tulare Police, along with the Fresno Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force at his Visalia home back in November of 2008. The arrest stemmed from a seven month investigation which began after the Tulare Police Department received a report of Ferenci sending inappropriate text messages to three of his students.

One victim has filed a restitution claim seeking monetary compensation. A hearing in that case is scheduled for next month.

Prior to his arrest, Ferenci had taught at Tulare Western High School for 20 years.
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  1. I was in his class and he was a good man. He helped me so much with my music! Ferenci had a sign on the door as you were leaving the classroom that said "You can never go back" He tought me that if i never push myself i wont get anywhere. He was an AMAZING teacher, and friend! Many of you look at him like a monster, but i look at him as the one who saved my life and turned me into the right direction. THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES ON THE WESTERN MARCHING BAND AND COLOR GUARD!

  2. He was a good teacher he always had jokes and everybody loved him n looked up to him.music was his worldd' he pushed us to perfection

  3. The most musically talented person I have ever known. I wouldn't have the love for music today, if it wasn't for him.

    And I certainly wouldn't play my instrument as well, or known about the value of hard work and setting the highest standards possible.

  4. Well first of all, Mr. Ferenci was the best band teacher and man I ever known. He helped me a lot of my first three years in high school. I have a learning disability and it took me longer than others to learn something. My jr high band teacher didn't even want to teach me I had to wait three years until I became a freshman in high school at Tulare Western. I love band and wanted to be in marching band. Mr. Ferenci realizes I was struggling and work with me for three years until my last year he said I was able to be in marching band. I was so excited but I didn't even get to say thank you for the three years he's given back to me a chance to learn. Now I can read music I can even play by ear but whoever's reading this, I want you to know that he was a good man. So thank you Mr. Ferenci for giving me hope.

  5. All you people say he was a good man are blinded. A good man does not want to have sex with children. End of story. He is a predator. I also was in band and always thought he was off in some way. I don't care how well someone plays music, or inspires kids to push harder. I bet that's just what he wanted...for kids to push harder. Pervert.

    1. He never had sex with children. Get your facts straight. He had inappropriate pictures on his computer and he texted a couple students. However that does not change the fact that he was an amazing musician and helped hundreds of kids learn, read, march, play and appreciate music. What he did was wrong I can agree with you on that BUT he was an inspiration to his former band students. Sorry be was not as big as an impact on your life as he was with many others because I was a kid that needed help with my music n he seen the potential in my music & talent of composing.

    2. I went to TW in 1999 and back THEN there were rumors of him assaulting students on band trips! If you think he's never touched a child, you're delusional!! No one just collects that material and doesn't try to act it out while in the presence of minors. Gross! All who support him, support child abuse.

    3. Mr. Ferenci is a living legend does that make me a sex offender ? Remember all the great he did for the community and the twhs. He made the band #1 after it was crap forever. Remember society needs to make examples out people's mistakes to keep all stupid retards in control. Ferenci is a god. Fuck all of u stupid fucks who get brain washed by the media like a bunch of sheep. Don't act like you all didn't make bigger mistakes don't act like your all perfect, don't forget how stupid teens are and how money hungry parents are . Shame on all of you hypocrites the best way to control societies is by making great people look like shit. Fuck all of u fucking assholes who did this to ray. I can guarantee u all have done much worse and if u got caught every time u would never see the light of day . For all of you sheeps who did this to him remember karma comes back ...what goes around comes around and i pray u all burn in hell and u will . South soldier 11.... Mr ferenci I love you with all my heart and soul . Your like my father. The father I never had. I will stomp people out for u. I give my life. Fuck the police and the system . Fuck all those stupid fucks who don't know what a great man u are ... they will pay. In the name of god. AMen

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  6. Tulare western are you ready ???? They are always ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause you made them ready your legacy will for ever be in our hearts and souls . The sun always shines on the mustang band and color guard. Fuck cops fuck all of u who disagree ...get smoked faggots.