Friday, June 12, 2009

William McCaffrey Arrested for Child Porn

A local man who helps save lives may have had a dark side. 51-year-old ER nurse, William McCaffrey of Sparks, is in jail after detectives raided his home and found up to one million pieces of child pornography.

Washoe County Sheriff's Detectives downloaded the porn over the Internet on Tuesday from McCaffrey's home computer. After his arrest, they found that his child porn collection was bigger than they thought, and he may have had plans to expand it even further.

Described as a 'friendly guy who likes to keep to himself,' neighbors of 51-year-old William McCaffrey say they never suspected a thing.

"Not in a hundred years. You just don't think of things like that. I'd see him in the mornings heading home from work and he'd wave. There was no sign of it," said Marcia Jenkins who lives next door.

Court documents show McCaffrey lived at a home on Capurro Way In Sparks, and worked in the emergency room at Saint Mary's hospital. Neighbors say he shared the home with his brother and his handicapped mom.

Detectives say evidence taken from McCaffrey's home included images and videos of little girls as young as three years old engaged in sexual acts with adult men.

"There are kids here, there, running back and forth everyday. I never saw the guy looking at them or anything, so I thought everything was as normal as could be," said Marcia's husband, Johnny Jenkins.

Detectives who interviewed McCaffrey say he had become 'desensitized', and had been increasingly interested in looking at child porn. They say he'd also been copying the photos to DVD's and hard drives, and may have had plans for distribution.

McCaffrey described himself as an amateur photographer, and when detectives asked if he'd consider contacting children himself, he said, quote: "I can't predict the future."

Neighbor Rafael Vasquez says he's disturbed to hear that his six-and-nine year old daughters have been walking past McCaffrey's home for months. His little girls mean the world to him, and he says it's a good thing McCaffrey didn't touch them.

"Well you'd be interviewing me from a jail cell because he'd be a dead man," said Vasquez.

McCaffrey faces five counts of possession of child pornography, plus one count of promotion of the sexual performance of a minor. He's being held in the Washoe County Jail on $75,000 dollars bail. A phone message left at McCaffrey's home number, was not immediately returned.

Detectives say there could be more charges filed in the future. McCaffrey's computer files and other evidence is still being sorted through, but they're hoping the public might know more. If you have any information that could help in the investigation, contact Secret Witness at 322-4900.

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