Friday, July 24, 2009

Adrian Dean Hord Arrested for Burning Child With Lighter

A man is charged with criminal abuse and kidnapping in a disturbing Lewis County child abuse case in which a six-year-old boy was allegedly tied up by his mother's boyfriend.

Adrian Dean Hord was arrested Tuesday in Ohio. The boy's grandfather, Donny Highfield told LEX 18 Thursday that Hord was trying to teach the boy a lesson for playing with matches, so he burned him with a lighter on his belly and duct taped his arms, legs and mouth.

Highfield, who is his grandson's legal guardian, said he the boy to a doctor for a physical days later when he learned that of the alleged abuse. He believes the child was hiding the incident from him for a reason.

"I guess he was scared for his mother," said Highfield. "Afraid I wasn't going to let him visit no more."

Highfield says he believes his grandson will recover physically, but worries about how the incident will effect him mentally. "He'll probably remember this his whole life. It could effect him years down the road, being tied up like that."

Investigators also say charges are pending against the child's mother, Stacy Highfield.
Video: Man Charged In Disturbing Alleged Child Abuse Case

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