Friday, July 24, 2009

Donald Nitchman Pleads Guilty to Sexual Acts Against 3 Boys

A 49-year-old Saratoga man has pleaded guilty to committing criminal sex acts against three boys over a period of three years, county District Attorney James Murphy announced today.

As a result, Donald Nitchman is convicted of felony criminal sex act, and two counts of criminal sex act.

According to DA Murphy, Nitchman engaged in oral sex with three male victims, all less than 15 years old, between the summer of 2004 and July 2007. The incidents occurred at a horse farm on Haas Rd., owned by Nitchman.

“By requiring the defendant to plead to the highest possible charge and a felony for each victim, we have held the defendant responsible for his criminal conduct," Murphy said in a press release.

"Threatening young boys to keep quiet and performing lurid and salacious acts upon them, we are pleased that the defendant will serve between 16 and 20 years," Murphy concluded.

Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 1st.

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