Thursday, August 13, 2009

John Jackey Worman Jailed for 120 Years for Sexual Assault

A "psychopath" pedophile has been jailed for 120 years after making a huge collection of child pornography that shows him sexually assaulting a dozen children.

The FBI found John Jackey Worman in 2007 with more than one million indecent images of youngsters, some of whom were at his girlfriend's 'in-home' day care.

"I cannot know... what was going through your head while you were molesting my daughter. Was it a big joke as I pulled away each day?" a mother who used the day care service said while testifying at his trial.

Worman, 42, made girls perform sex acts for school lunch money in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He told prison doctors he felt no remorse for sexually "anointing" his victims.

"I am totally at peace with everything I have done," Worman said, according to district judge Lawrence Stengel.

The judge, who sentenced Worman on Wednesday, described him as a psychopath who sponged off women and sadistically coerced his young victims.

A teenager who had been abused for several years tipped off authorities after watching an episode of TV show Law & Order about child sexual abuse.

It was only when the victim saw the program that she realized Worman's attacks were wrong, assistant US attorney Michelle Rotella said.

Jurors at the trial, who sometimes asked for breaks from viewing the harrowing evidence, convicted Worman of 56 child pornography offences.

His girlfriend, baby sitter Concetta Jackson, is in prison awaiting sentence after admitting to a child pornography charge.

Prosecutors said the 46-year-old procured some of the victims.

Worman's ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Prawdzik, 45, was also jailed in April for 30 years after being convicted of assisting with and participating in the attacks.

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