Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raymond Gabaldon & Ashley Tafoya Arrested for Child Abuse

Relatives of accused child abuser Raymond Gabaldon said they can't believe their loved one could possibly harm a two-week-old infant, but Gabaldon and his girlfriend Ashley Tafoya remain in custody on felony child abuse charges.

Police said the injuries Isaac Gabaldon received the July 4th weekend are consistent with torture and sexual molestation. That's why Gabaldon and Tafoya are behind bars in custody in lieu of one $250,000 cash bail.

According to the Children, Youth and Families Department, the child should never have been left alone with the couple following a protective agreement in June. The department said the family failed to hold up its end of the bargain.

Family members stated their disbelief of the charges.

"They have my blessings and I love them, but they didn't commit those crimes," said Brenda Gabaldon, Isaac's grandmother.

Brenda was staying with Raymond and Ashley at the time Isaac's arm was broken, but apparently wasn't watching him at the time.

Thursday she met with CYFD investigators and saw photographs of Isaac's latest injuries. She said they are not the injuries she saw on the 4th.

"I think the hospital did it," said Brenda. "The majority of them and the sexual abuse on this child. There was no sexual abuse on this child whatsoever."

University Hospital officials said that because Isaac is in state custody, privacy laws prohibit the hospital from commenting on gabaldon's allegations in any way.

CYFD officials said federal and state law requires the agency to consider in-family placement for Isaac. CYFD officials said that process is under way. The agency also said for an in-family placement, the family member would have to go thru a rigorous background check and take foster parenting classes.

Isaac is currently staying in a licensed foster home.


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