Monday, August 17, 2009

Ria Ramkissoon Guilty of Starving Child to Death Will Soon Be Released from Jail

A Maryland woman who pleaded guilty last March to child abuse resulting in the starvation death of her one year-old son at the hands of a Baltimore-based religious cult will soon be released from jail.

Ria Ramkissoon will receive a 20-year suspended sentence for testifying against Queen Antoinette who led the cult called One Mind Ministries, who instructed Ramkissoon to deprive young Javon Thompson of food and water for not saying amen before meals. The infant who died in Baltimore was later found in a suitcase in Philadelphia. Ramkissoon’s lawyer reported that cult members believed if the body could travel with them, the child could be resurrected.

The mother was one of five cult members charged in Javon’s death; she has agreed to testify against those involved in addition to Queen Antoinette. Both defense and prosecuting attorneys have moved to send Ramkissoon to counseling.

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