Monday, August 17, 2009

Trial Begins for Richard Jay Swank Charged with Sexual Abuse

Through tears, the daughter of a man on trial for years of allegedly abusing his son told of a time when her father gave her a gun and tried to get her to kill her abused brother.

The trial of Richard Jay Swank, 47, charged with multiple counts of sexual of abuse of a child, opened on Monday morning with Deputy District Attorney Kathleen DiDonato describing a horrendous life of the victim — not just from sexual abuse but also years of torture, beatings, starvation and isolation from the rest of the family.

“The beatings at the hands of his father started when the victim was about three or four years old,” DiDonato told the jury. “Shortly before 10 years old is when years and years of sexual abuse began that included repeated sodomizing and oral copulation.”

Swank is charged with multiple counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child, sexual penetration with a foreign object and oral copulation by force.

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