Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trial Continues for Former Pastor Henry Edgington

Two recently retired Waco police officers were on the stand this morning in 54th State District Court testifying about their investigation into a child pornography case involving a former area pastor.

Former police officer Chris Kingrey opened up today’s testimony about his work as the department’s computer analyst. He said he was asked to examine a computer to which Henry Edgington, 65, had access as a night clerk at the Czech Inn in West.

Kingrey said he found 63 images that he considered child pornography on the computer, which prosecutor J.R Vicha and Hilary LaBorde showed to jurors on a large screen in the courtroom.

Retired State District Judge George Allen ordered that the windows be covered in the courtroom while the images were displayed.

Kingrey also said he recovered at least three e-mails from Edgington that appeared to be sent to young models, including one that said “You’re so beautiful it makes me smile to see your face.”

Former police Sgt. Kraig Disney testified about searching Edgington’s home in August 2007 and took a statement from the defendant in which Edgington said he was inspired to try to rid the Internet of child pornography sites after reading a story out of Florida about a group that worked successfully with legislators.

Disney said Edgington told him: “I felt if it works there it can work here. I made some terrible printouts that I intended to send to (local U.S. Rep.) Chet Edwards. He seemed like a go-to guy.”

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