Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sex Offender Frederick Baca Arrested for Living with Children

Roosevelt County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a registered sex offender Friday after he was found living with children.

Frederick Baca, 27, of Roosevelt County, was prohibited from living with children as part of his probation conditions.

Sheriff Darren Hooker said deputies and adult probation and parole officers noticed a child’s bicycle outside of Baca’s residence during a home visit Friday morning. The neighbors, in response to questioning, confirmed that children lived there.

No one was at Baca’s house at the time.

“Officers went back this Friday afternoon to check,” Hooker said. “Sure enough, there they were in the house with the children.”

Three children and their mother, Baca’s girlfriend, were there with him.

Baca is being held in Roosevelt County Detention Center without bond due to his probation violation.

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