Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corey Hipscher Arrested for Molesting Young Girl

Detectives say 37-year-old Corey Hipscher, a registered sex offender already on probation for the 2002 false imprisonment and sexual battery of a victim over 12-years-old, is back in jail.

He's accused of molesting a young Boca Raton girl who was spending the afternoon at Quiet Waters park, where he had been working for about four months.

"We know it's not isolated. We know he had a first victim in 2002," said Broward Sheriff's office spokesperson Keyla Concepcion, "this is his second victim that we're aware of and we want to know if there are more out there."

"I'd kill that guy. I swear to God," said park visitor Alberto Virela.

Virela and his 13-year-old son, Lucas, say they rented a boat at the same spot just a few weeks ago and recognized Hipscher's photograph.

"It's just kinda scary to think that guy was doing that," said Lucas.

"And it's very troubling to think that somehow this guy found employment at a park," says Concepcion.

The Broward County Parks Department says Hipscher was hired by a subcontractor who runs the boating area, and according to their vendor contract, is supposed to perform background checks before hiring anyone.

Detectives say Hipscher rented two paddle boats to the little girl's family and offered to take the victim and her female cousin on a ride around the lake on a flotation device pulled by a small motorized boat.

An adult asked to ride in the boat with them, they say, but Hipscher allegedly insisted the adults stay on shore citing a weight restriction.

Police say the victim was the first to ride on the float, and when Hipscher assisted her out of the water, he fondled the little girl several times.

"You have to think that he had the intention of molesting this young girl," said Concepcion, "He probably just didn't want an adult around."

The little girl's cousin, say police, also saw what happened and told relatives. They then confronted Hipscher about it. At first, they say, he denied the allegation. But then, according to the police report, "begged the family to ignore the incident.. told the family that he would quit his job or allow them to beat him if they did not report what had happened."

When Hipscher realized the family was calling the sheriff's office they say he drove off. Detectives later found him at his home in Plantation where he was arrested without incident.

He's now being held without bond.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have had an inappropriate encounter with Hipscher to contact them at (954) 493-TIPS.

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