Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Father Claims Police Abused His Sons

A father and two boys are accusing Milwaukee police officers of child abuse. They claim the offices roughed them up and used racial slurs.

The incident happened Friday when police pulled over the father and two boys at 794 and Oklahoma because the officers believed one of the boys an AK-47.

It turned out to be a toy gun but officers had no way of knowing that when they tried to arrest everyone.

There are photos of the man's 12-year-old son with red marks on his back. The father believes they are footprints from one of the officers as he tried to hold the boy down.

"I could hear my son saying, 'Stop you are hurting me,'' the boy’s father explained.

The boy’s parents don’t want their names used. They fear retaliation for filing a child abuse claim against the officers.

"These officers need to lose their jobs," said the boy’s mother. "As far as I’m concerned they are child abuser with a badge."

Police say their photos don’t support the abuse claim. But they are investigating the racial slur allegations.

"'What the M----F---- are you doing here?'" said the boy’s father as he recalled the words of the arresting officer! "'Go back to your country.'"

Reporter Charles Benson asked the dad, "There were racial slurs?"

"Yes. He called me an Asian spic," the father said.

Police said a realist looking toy gun triggered the arrest. They saw the boy’s 11-year-old friend was carrying the gun when the father picked him up. A few minutes later, the family's car was surrounded by police and the officers were yelling.

The boys said the gun had an orange tip on it, which is important because it means it’s a toy gun or fake. But when the officers recovered the gun the boys’ claim the officers removed the tip.

The boy’s father claims police never apologized and never offered to help his son who the dad said was injured and traumatized.

The father and the other boy with the toy gun were not hurt.

Police say they responded to the family allegations quickly and have started an investigation.

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