Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nicole Surber Arrested for Child Abuse

A Montana woman faces a felony child abuse charge in North Dakota in an incident in which police say she used her infant daughter as a shield to ward off officers trying to arrest her.

Bismarck Police say 20-year-old Nicole Surber and her 7-month-old girl were passengers in a pickup that officers stopped after it had left the scene of a reported fight last Friday.

Authorities say the child was not buckled in a safety seat.

Police Lt. Randy Ziegler says that when officers went to arrest Surber for being a minor in consumption of alcohol, she held her baby with one arm in what an officer described as a "headlock" while trying to fight past officers with the other arm.

Surber, of Hardin, Mont., pleaded guilty to minor in consumption and disorderly conduct and was sentenced to three days in jail.

Police say social services workers took custody of the child.

Surber later said in court that her aunt was watching the child.

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