Monday, June 15, 2009

William Marshall Charged with Sexually Assaulting & Murdering Toddler

According to Metro Police, the toddler found dead in a dumpster last week was sexually assaulted and murdered. William Marshall has been charged in the crime. He is the boyfriend of the child's mother.

The police report spells out horrific acts of abuse. The attack against the baby was very violent.

According to police documents, Marshall was babysitting Shia but something went horribly wrong. Inside apartment 67, detectives found two divots in the drywall of the bedroom that appear to be the size of a toddler's head. They also found hair similar to the toddler's inside the apartment's empty freezer.

The coroner found evidence that Shia was also sexually assaulted.

"They're defenseless. This kid couldn't defend herself against a guy that's 230 pounds. That's unfortunate," said Metro Lt. Lew Roberts.

The FBI tracked both Marshall and the baby's mother, Darrean Williams, to Phoenix Saturday night. They were together, but police say the mom apparently had no idea her daughter had been killed until the authorities came knocking. "It is our belief that, at that point is when she actually found out what the fate of the child was," said Lt. Roberts.

According to the report, a family member told police that Williams is a prostitute who works in the Phoenix area. She left Shia with Marshall to "earn money" in Phoenix.

For now, the crime has left the community shocked and saddened. "I wouldn't think of doing nothing like that to defenseless children, and I think it's just horrible and I think they should be brought to justice," said neighbor Lekeshia Holloman.

For now, Williams has not been charged, but may face other charges of as child endangerment or neglect.

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