Monday, July 27, 2009

Willaim Murphy Madison Arrested for Sending Indecent Images to Minor

A Metro vice-president was arrested and charged with sending indecent images to an underage boy.

William Murphy Madison, who deals with infrastructure for the agency, sent at least 10 pornographic images to a Missouri City kid. Unfortunately for Madison, but fortunately for the kid, the victim's mom discovered the images and contacted police.

Madison is suspended from his $136,000-a-year job, but we were left to wonder -- doesn't Metro screen its computers? Can staffers just watch porn all day long when they should be making the buses run on time?

We asked spokesperson Raequel Roberts. She has complained about our coverage of Metro, so her dealings with us tend to involve terse e-mails.

We asked: "Regarding the VP arrested for sending porn -- Does Metro have any screening on its computer system to see if employees are looking at or sending pornographic materials?"

She replied: "Yes, we have screens." End of answer to our question.

"Thanks," we e-mailed back. "But according to media reports, the case began when the mother saw things on her kid's computer. Why didn't the screens at Metro pick it up?"

Roberts e-mailed back: "Why would you assume he doesn't have his own computer at home?"

Which led us to e-mail back: "I'm not assuming, I'm asking. So you are saying none of the porn was sent from a computer at any Metro office?"

Which got this: "That is what the investigation will determine."

So there it is. Either Metro has a screening system that doesn't work too well (or at all), or the guy (allegedly) did all his porn-for-kids delivery from home. His office computer and a laptop will be searched.

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